Women : Money and Lie

While it is true that women generally seek to marry rich men for a purpose well understood in evolutionary psychology, chinese women seem to have another goal. They simply love money. This is not to say that it represents a departure from the evolutionary logic, but there is something more than that.

I was told that many chinese women will not love you for who you are, but for what you have in your banking account. Some chinese women may even accept to sell her soul to hell just to have money. They will do everything for that purpose, and they don’t even care about virtue or morality. Money is their only way of action. Even a woman married to a poor man is not necessarily trusted since she can still cheat on him when an occasion arises. My mother told me shameful stories and reports from China that can’t be told.

These women are very special. They lie and they continue to lie. A life of lies. In the worst case, they could be so cruel : they will betray their husband, stealing them, entirely ruining them. My mother told me many stories about that (from friends, family, relatives). Of course, anecdote is not data. Anecdote proves nothing. But when my relatives tell me that they think that this is also what many chinese believe, I have the feeling that what I have been told could be generalizable. Especially when white people also see chinese as ultra-capitalists. This opinion is well stereotyped.

But stereotypes, in general, have certainly a base logic since stereotypes do not emerge without a chain of causality. Stereotype is not some kind of magic force. If many people, as I suspect, believe that chinese seem only care about profits, this is because they are, indeed, ultra-capitalists.

When chinese open their mouth, it smells money. My mother told me that the effect money exerts on chinese women is similar to the effect blood does on sharks. Her sister seems to agree with this point of view. With that being kept in mind, even though it is plausible that economic prosperity leads to a breakdown in morality, the negative effect of prosperity on morality could be far more pronounced among chinese. This is exactly what my mother thinks.

But now, given what I think about intermarriage and miscegenation, she told me that I must be very careful when choosing a wife. This kind of women is not as rare as I was used to believe, she said. Far from it. The problem my mother seems to consider is that, unless a woman betrays her husband, this is difficult to prove. And this is not even easy to guess. When you appear so polite and tolerant, he will be likely to let his guard down, becoming more vulnerable. Needless to say, I was a little surprised when I was told about this. There is indeed a time when I was ignorant about all this.

I was so naïve that I was used to believe everyone : I have been fooled many times. Chinese seem to be good at lying : this might help to explain, in part, why chinese are generally so anxious. My mother was used to say : “I know how they think. You don’t”. She also recommended me to avoid eating in chinese restaurant because she has some doubts. She also fears chinese confections/candies to the extent that they are filled with a lot of chemicals to make them tasty and delicious, but it’s just an illusion. They should be avoided, at least as much as possible, since it could be deadly for my health. Not surprising if I’m so skinny.

Now that I think about it, this helps to explain why they are so obsessed with social status. Even my father who is usually engaging in self-deceptive enhancement and is really in bad faith when it comes to chinese also admitted that chinese become crazy when they earn a lot of money. Chinese eccentricity is not a myth, this is real. They blindly spend large sums of money just to show they have a lot of money. Apparently, that is how they gain respect from others. It’s all about money. Again, stereotypes arise from a chain of causality. There is no magic force behind it. But whatever. I have, personally, absolutely no respect for women who feign to love. This conception of love does not suit me.

Love is not money.

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