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The Evolution of Human Cooperation According to the Supernatural (Divine) Punishment Hypothesis

Several studies have now investigated the question of the impact of believing in a “mean” God versus a “kind” God, one who punishes versus one who forgives. And sometimes the belief in hell versus heaven. These beliefs then are correlated … Continue reading

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The consequence of ignoring measurement (and sampling) error(s) in subject matter. An example with a race-denialism argument.

When I come to read the same fallacy over and over again, I become tired. As shown in the right upper corner on my blog, an isolated anecdote cannot be equated with data. The reason is due to both measurement … Continue reading

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Research on genetic g and differential heritabilities

Multivariate genetic analyses and simple correlational analyses have been conducted to evaluate the extent to which the general factor (g) of intelligence is differentially heritable, compared to, for example, group factors. A positive correlation would be supportive of Jensen’s view, … Continue reading

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