“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

There are usually silly comments I read on the internet, but this one makes me furious. I have a list of things I have seen on the Internet that I don’t like, but this one is very special. I think it’s most likely that the place we can witness such comments more often is on websites where are gathered dumb people. Youtube for example, and other popular medias.

There are several variants of the sentence. If it’s not “don’t watch” it is “don’t read” or “don’t comment”. Whatever the case, the purpose is clear. The persons who use it do not want to be criticized. This stubborness is bothersome. There is nothing wrong with people disagreeing with others. Refusal to confront others’ ideas, not only is illustrative of complete cowardice, but also does not help to make progress and learn about one’s own error. If the authors do not want to be criticized, why are they publishing ? If people have different opinions and different knowledge on all things, criticism is impossible to avoid. The only reasonable way to deal with this, is to accept these criticisms and counter-argument. With no discussion, no consensus can be reached. But consensus is not what they are seeking. No, because they are trying to impose their views.

There is another, considerable problem. The sentence itself is utterly ridiculous. Let’s recall.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

The sentence begins with “if” immediately followed by “don’t like it” and then by “don’t watch”. In other words, these people assume the causality is that people (dis)like something before watching or reading them. A complete nonsense. People (dis)like something after having a taste of it. Not before. They have detected something wrong after seeing it, whether they are right or not.

This kind of comment is not only helpless, but also despicable.

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