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The Use of Tobit and Truncated Regressions for Limited Dependent Variables

The OLS regression is a widely applied technique, and many variants of the classical regression exist. Among them, are the tobit and truncated regressions. Their use is recommended when the dependent (Y) variable is constrained in some ways. Both have … Continue reading

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How to calculate and use predicted Y-values in multiple regression

I was planning to publish this article after my paper on the black-white vocabulary gap in the GSS is released, but I have changed my mind. So, here, I will explain how to use the so-called “Yhat” or predicted values … Continue reading

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The 1920-1921 Depression and Recovery

Let’s recall the story. Some austrian economists (Woods, 2009; Powell, 2009; Murphy, 2009) claimed that Warren Harding cut the taxes, and by this has promoted the economic recovery. But Kuehn (2010) challenges this view. Kuehn (2012) believes that it was … Continue reading

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Historical evidence of anti-Gresham’s Law

The book Good Money (Selgin, 2008) already showed us that the idea of Gresham’s law as a natural feature of free market is just plain wrong. Historical evidence of anti-Gresham’s law is so rare that it is even more important … Continue reading

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Get (not so easily) introduced to R

I dislike R, unlike some other softwares I use, such as SPSS and Stata. It’s extremely error prone. But it’s free, and can do almost everything (e.g., a few things Stata cannot do and a lot of things SPSS/AMOS cannot … Continue reading

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