Reading List

Here, I list my best references on each topic. Thus, some references can appear several times.


1) Simple statistics.

Meng Hu’s Blog (June 7, 2014). Multiple Regression, Multiple Fallacies. Posted in Stats.

2) Advanced statistics.

Meng Hu’s Blog (December 13, 2014). Get (not so easily) introduced to R. Posted in Stats, Stats, Softwares, Syntax.

Economy, Politics.

1) Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

Hayek, Friedrich A. (1975a [1939]) Profits, Interest and Investment, and Other Essays on the Theory of Industrial Fluctuations. Clifton, NJ: Augustus M.Kelley.
Huerta de Soto, J. (2006). Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles (Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, AL).
Meng Hu’s Blog (March 11, 2012). Empirical Evidence for the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Posted in Economics and tagged ABCT.
Meng Hu’s Blog (September 1, 2014). Other empirical studies on the ABCT. Posted in Economics and tagged ABCT.

2) Free Banking.

Dowd, Kevin, ed. 1992. The Experience of Free Banking. London: Routledge.
Selgin George A. (1988). The Theory of Free Banking: Money Supply under Competitive Note Issue (Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield, 1988).
Selgin, George A. (1996). Bank Deregulation and Monetary Order. London and New York: Routledge.
White, Lawrence H. (1995). Free Banking in Britain: Theory, Experience, and Debate, 1800-1845, 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1995. Pp. xiii+176. Paperback.

3) Money.

Selgin, George A. (1997). Less Than Zero: The Case for a Falling Price Level in a Growing Economy, Hobart Paper 132 (London: Institute of Economic Affairs [I.E.A.], 1997).
Selgin, George A. (2008). Good Money: Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775–1821. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

4) Monopoly.

Rothbard, M. N. (1962/1993 [2009]). Man, Economy, and State. Ludwig von Mises Institute: Auburn, AL.
Segerfeldt, F. (2005). Water for sale: How business and the market can resolve the world’s water crisis. Cato Institute.

5) Free Market.

Meng Hu’s Blog (June 26, 2014). Income mobility according to the Great Gatsby curve : The fantasy of the american dream, statistical artifacts, and the irrelevance of public intervention. Posted in Behavioral Genetics, Economics and tagged Free Market, IQ.

IQ, Psychometrics, Behavioral Genetics.

1) IQ testing.

Braden, Jeffery P. (1994). Deafness, deprivation, and IQ. Springer.
Jensen, Arthur R. (1980). Bias in Mental Testing. New York: Free Press.
Jensen, Arthur R. (1998). The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability. Westport, CT: Praeger.

2) Racial Differences and Hereditarian Hypothesis.

Jensen, Arthur R. (1973). Educability and Group Differences. New York: Harper and Row.
Lynn, R. (2006). Race differences in intelligence: An evolutionary analysis. Atlanta: Washington Summit.