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Root causes of the defects in US Health Care

Some explanations of the problems related to the US health care are listed below. In short, their system is actually not encouraging the customer to discriminate between the different providers, leading to an increase of bad suppliers and services. He … Continue reading

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More Oral Sex, More Oral Cancer

Several studies now have found that oral sex is linked to HPV, even when many confounding variables (such as tobacco and alcohol, number of sexual partners, etc.) have been adjusted; specifically, by examining separate samples having different health status. This is … Continue reading

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Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear – Chapter 10, The Chemistry of Fear

In Chapter 10 of “Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear” Dan Gardner sets out the commonly underestimated risk factors for cancer and the commonly overestimated risk factors. Many of the analyses were confounded by other factors of risk of … Continue reading

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Is It the Epidemiologists’ Elusive “Fundamental Cause” of Social Class Inequalities in Health?

Is It the Epidemiologists’ Elusive “Fundamental Cause” of Social Class Inequalities in Health ?, Linda S. Gottfredson, 2004. When groups differ substantially on the average in IQ but not other factors causing individuals to become ill or injured (e.g., non g-related genetic risk or motivation), then … Continue reading

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