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Bad experience at MDPI (J. Intell.) journal

After OP journal, here, I had problems with MDPI (J. Intell.) as well. Since I have decided not to publish at OP, my Wordsum article had to be published somewhere. I thought about MDPI because it is the one that … Continue reading

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Bad experience at OpenPsych journals

OpenPsych journals (for the moment, Open Differential Psychology, ODP; Open Behavioral Genetics, OBG) are new journals (1 year now) that have a policy that allow free open-access publication with open peer-review. Currently, the editors are Emil O. Kirkegaard (ODP) and … Continue reading

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Get (easily) introduced to Stata

I do not want to make multiple posts on this topic. So, this post will be updated little by little (if I learn something new). Here’s the list of essential commands for creating variables, making basic (and advanced) statistical analyses.

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“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”

There are usually silly comments I read on the internet, but this one makes me furious. I have a list of things I have seen on the Internet that I don’t like, but this one is very special. I think … Continue reading

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Error Correction Model in Time Series Regression

A strong assumption of time series regression, a widely used technique in econometrics, is the stationarity. It requires that the variables entered in the regression have their variances (standard deviations), covariances (auto-correlations), and means, that are independent of time. A … Continue reading

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How to use NCES public data sets (NAEP, BPS, NPSAS, TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA, etc.)

This is a copy-paste (nearly) of the appendix I have recently made for a paper published at OpenPsych. I found it difficult to navigate, so I believe it needs to be clarified. This makes replication much easier.

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The consequence of ignoring measurement (and sampling) error(s) in subject matter. An example with a race-denialism argument.

When I come to read the same fallacy over and over again, I become tired. As shown in the right upper corner on my blog, an isolated anecdote cannot be equated with data. The reason is due to both measurement … Continue reading

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The all other things being equal assumption

I get the impression that a lot of people around the web confound absolutely everything when talking about correlations on the topic of social sciences. They supply a biased, incomplete, or truncated reality of what actually really is.

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Science has gone awry

This was a recent article published at The Economist. Basically, I am not surprised at all about scientific misconduct and biases. This is why I don’t generally trust scientists. Anyway :

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Women : Money and Lie

While it is true that women generally seek to marry rich men for a purpose well understood in evolutionary psychology, chinese women seem to have another goal. They simply love money. This is not to say that it represents a … Continue reading

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