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Empirical Evidence for Free Banking

Opponents of the fractional reserve free banking usually wonder why free banking systems no long exist today. A widely spread belief is that central banks have been established because free banking has failed to work. Central bank is not the … Continue reading

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Sraffa and Hayek on Multiple Interest Rates

There is something wrong with anti-austrians’ view on the multiple interest rates. I want to clarify this point. Dr. Hayek on Money and Capital – by Sraffa If money did not exist, and loans were made in terms of all … Continue reading

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In Praise of Homogeneity

In Praise of Homogeneity – The Japanese know how to run a country – [pdf] Author, Jared Taylor. I have just returned from several weeks in Japan, and am again struck by the forceful example that country offers of the advantages … Continue reading

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