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Income mobility according to the Great Gatsby curve : The fantasy of the american dream, statistical artifacts, and the irrelevance of public intervention.

Among the economists, it is commonly held that US people do not experience high income mobility. This is true. But the question of whether US people have lower income or social¬†mobility compared to european countries has no definitive answer. The … Continue reading

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Data Preparation. Matrix non Positive Definite in SEM Softwares.

I have previously reported a discussion about the non-positive definite matrix with regard to factor analysis. Here, I report a more complete, deep¬†explanation and possibility to deal with these problems. This is not restricted to SEM but also can apply … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Significance Tests

It must be known that a p-value, or any other statistics based on the Chi-Square, is not a useful number. It has two components : sample size and effect size. Its ability to detect a non-zero difference increases when either … Continue reading

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Multiple Regression, Multiple Fallacies

It goes without saying that multiple regression is one of most popular and applied statistical methods. Thus, it would be odd if most practitioners among scientists and researchers do not understand and misapply it. And yet, this provocative conclusion seems … Continue reading

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