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Income Inequality and IQ, by Charles Murray

Income Inequality and IQ Charles Murray (1998) Foreword This study is one of a series commissioned by the American Enterprise Institute on trends in the level and distribution of U.S. wages, income, wealth, consumption, and other measures of material welfare. … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and Cost of the Keynesian Stimulus

Keynesians wrongly believe that government spending during recession (i.e. fiscal stimulus) will stimulate the economy to the extent that the money will put into motion the idle resources.

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Root causes of the defects in US Health Care

Some explanations of the problems related to the US health care are listed below. In short, their system is actually not encouraging the customer to discriminate between the different providers, leading to an increase of bad suppliers and services. He … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher : Where is Free Market Economics ?

Like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher is usually and wrongly cited as a further evidence of market failure. Among the many problems denoted, the Poll Tax and the unemployment rate. The Poll Tax, as Rothbard explains, was not accompanied by a … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan : Where is Free Market Economics ?

The deregulation era during Reagan’s administration is a common belief among liberals. Like Thatcher, Reagan perhaps believes in free market, but in practice he did not conduct free market policies.

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