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More Oral Sex, More Oral Cancer

Several studies now have found that oral sex is linked to HPV, even when many confounding variables (such as tobacco and alcohol, number of sexual partners, etc.) have been adjusted; specifically, by examining separate samples having different health status. This is … Continue reading

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The ‘Free Banking’ in Hong Kong

Among the numerous successful episodes of Free Banking, the Hong Kong episode is rarely cited as a relevant one. Not surprisingly, because the austrian economists (the free bankers) themselves seem to consider the period of free banking (1935-1964) has never … Continue reading

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Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear – Chapter 10, The Chemistry of Fear

In Chapter 10 of “Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear” Dan Gardner sets out the commonly underestimated risk factors for cancer and the commonly overestimated risk factors. Many of the analyses were confounded by other factors of risk of … Continue reading

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Rothbard’s Criticism of Monopoly Price Theory : Chapter 10 of Man, Economy, and State

Man, Economy, and State, 2nd edition, Murray N. Rothbard. Chapter 10 — Monopoly and Competition 2. Cartels and Their Consequences A. Cartels and “Monopoly Price” But is not monopolizing action a restriction of production, and is not this restriction a … Continue reading

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Criticism of the Efficiency-Wage Theory

The “Efficiency Wage” is a New Keynesian theory aimed to highlight a so-called market failure. Gregory Mankiw describes the theory as follows : There are various theories about how wages affect worker productivity. One efficiency-wage theory holds that high wages reduce labor … Continue reading

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On the So-Called ‘Failure’ of Free Banking in Australia : the Banking Crisis of 1893

The anti-free bankers sometimes rehash Hickson and Turner’s paper “Free banking gone awry: the Australian banking crisis of 1893” (2002) as a refutation of the theory of free banking while ignoring the many other successful episodes. In fact, some evidence provided … Continue reading

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The structure of production reconsidered, by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

The Cambridge Capital Controversy (CCC) is sometimes cited as one of the strongest refutation of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory, considered by Mark Blaug as “the final nail in the coffin of the Austrian theory of capital” (cited be Huerta de … Continue reading

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Angela L. Duckworth’s IQ-Motivation Study : Another Bad Apple

The paper “Role of test motivation in intelligence testing” (2011) by Duckworth et al. is widely cited as an anti-IQ evidence. Some anti-IQ supporters wrongly believe that the study invalidates the “IQ thesis”. In fact, there is a huge misunderstanding. As Duckworth … Continue reading

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Miracle, Supernatural Phenomena, and Little Buddha

So the December 21st 2012 approaches. I remember now that the well-known “Little Buddha” had said, in 2006, that he went to be alone to meditate, and that he would return in six years. He decided so a few years ago. … Continue reading

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