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The Tragedy of the Euro, by Philipp Bagus

The Tradegy of the Euro, Philipp Bagus (2008), Ludwig von Mises Institute. Chapter 4 Why High Inflation Countries Wanted the Euro Socialized Seigneuriage Some countries, especially France, made gains at the expense of the Germans due to a socialization of … Continue reading

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Good Money, by George Selgin

Selgin, G. A. (2008). Good Money: Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnings of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821. University of Michigan Press. Available at Amazon, Mises Store, and Independent Institute. Foreword, by Charles Goodhart This book details the fascinating … Continue reading

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Economic Harmonies : Frédéric Bastiat on the Mutual-Aid Societies

Frédéric Bastiat, Economic Harmonies, 1850. The Online Library of Liberty.

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Is It the Epidemiologists’ Elusive “Fundamental Cause” of Social Class Inequalities in Health?

Is It the Epidemiologists’ Elusive “Fundamental Cause” of Social Class Inequalities in Health ?, Linda S. Gottfredson, 2004. When groups differ substantially on the average in IQ but not other factors causing individuals to become ill or injured (e.g., non g-related genetic risk or motivation), then … Continue reading

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Myths About the so-called ‘Enron Fraud’

The Enron Scandal 2001, is generally but wrongly attributed to market failures. Specifically, audit failure and poor ratings from CRAs did not reveal Enron’s false accounting. As explained elsewhere, the conflict of interest among CRAs who purposely overrate the firms … Continue reading

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Hazlitt’s Criticism of Keynes’ General Theory

Hazlitt, Henry (1959). The failure of the” new economics”: an analysis of the Keynesian fallacies. Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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Murray Rothbard on Monopoly, Cartel and Size of the Firm : Chapter 9 of Man, Economy, and State

Man, Economy, and State, 2nd edition, Murray N. Rothbard. Chapter 9 — Production: Particular Factor Prices and Productive Incomes 3. Entrepreneurship and Income

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On the Success of Free Banking in Scotland (1716-1844)

Here’s some excerpts from Free Banking in Britain: Theory, Experience and Debate 1800-1845, Second Edition, by Lawrence H. White (1995). ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ “There were many competing banks; most of them were well capitalised by a large number of shareholders; no … Continue reading

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Correlation Between Low IQ and Racism : Probably an Illusion

The widely-cited paper from Hodson and Busseri (2012) shows that low IQ correlates with higher prejudice against races and against homosexuals. In both cases, the relationship is not direct but mainly mediated by right-wing ideology. But this proof is probably … Continue reading

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Educational Intervention and The Failure to Raise IQ Permanently

In an attempt to equalize social opportunities, several large-scale studies have been launched. These studies were of special interest because they sampled a large portion of black people, since a study on white people can’t be generalized over other ethnic … Continue reading

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